News: No more long term upfront IT services or consulting agreements

Budget friendly IT consulting services

IT Services

IT Consulting WNY Per unit IT costs are going down, not up.

If you're current IT provider is raising your costs this year, give us a call and we'll provide you a road map to savings and increased flexibility.

Simplify your IT support and consulting and stop paying outrageously high fee's to your current provider. Technology has changed dramatically in just the past couple of years alone. We leverage newer, less expensive, more efficient ways to provide you the technology services you need. Contact us for a free technology consultation today.

Whether your company is in need of Information Technology Consulting services, Buffalo NY Outsourcing Services, a Buffalo Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) service, computer consultanct, computer security consultants, or network consulting for businesses weve got it all.

Are you just another service provider like everyone else?

Quite simply, no. We provide you services in a way that make us completely modular and interchangeable if there is someone who can do a specific type of service less expensively. We also disrupt the current model by leveraging the economics of cloud technologies and apps so that you spend much less on capital investments and technical labor than you have in the past.
We are:

  • The low cost IT service provider
  • Innovative in our approach
  • We come from Fortune 500 backgrounds and bring those techniques to organizations that are not as large
  • We live and breathe simplicity
  • We speak business, not just technology
  • We're focused on customer service
  • Can also provide application develop and hosting services
  • Can integrate your sales operations and eCommerce strategy with internet marketing and analytics tools
  • Will provide a free technology assessment to find areas for immediate spend reduction
  • Simplify distributed access to applications by hosting apps in the cloud - anything from email to Sharepoint to Quickbooks!
  • Reduce spending on phone bills with cloud voice over IP solutions
  • and much more